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Shiatsu Massage 

Bringing The Body Back Into Balance

Shiatsu is a form of bodywork based on traditional Japanese massage. Shiatsu works with the bodies energy flow and use of acupressure points to release tension while aligning and balancing the body.


Using the process of several techniques I will help stagnant energy flow and move with the horse, not against them.

Manipulation of the soft body tissues, muscle, connective tissue, tendons, and ligaments can enhance health and well-being. Shiatsu aids in loosening fascia and muscles tightness, allowing a greater range of motion, ease of pain, and restore blood flow and the bodies natural healing process.

Common problems Shiatsu can help


  • Arthritis and laminitis


  • Tight muscles and stiff joints 


  • Stress and tension 


  • Soft tissue injuries 


  • Mental and emotional health​


  • Chronic abscesses 


  • Eliminate toxins 

"The bodywork being done by Maddie Madrid has been saving my horse. Shiatsu massage is continuing to rid toxins and bring to the surface more of this never ending abscess. The increased circulation in his body continues to draw the abscess up thru his coronet band as of Saturday. This is 9 weeks worth of pain and lameness for my poor horse. When Dunkin is in a “healing crisis” his leg swells tremendously, and then at about day 4 I see more goo surface. It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions for me. I will forever use her on my horses to help them feel their best.

I feel with my whole heart what’s left to deal with is muscle restriction deep in his shoulders from standing for so so long. Maddie started some deep work in his shoulders yesterday and Dunkin expressed a desire to go on a walk. He stood at his gate in the evening and that’s not his norm. So I took him out thinking it would just be a little stroll, I was in crocs with a shitty loose halter.. normally I use a stud chain since when he is feeling good and showing off, I need a little extra help due to his size! Anyway….. Dunkin was back to being Dunkin… kicking out non stop, rearing and showing off. That hasn’t happened in months… my heart was full. Yes, poor behavior, but he felt good and I was not going to deny him that. ."


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