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Healing for the body, mind, and soul.


Equine Bodywork by Madison Madrid

Meet Madison

~ Equine Shiatsu Practitioner

~ Equine Lymphatic Drainage Practitioner 

~ Reiki Level 2 Practitioner

~ Certified Sound Healer 

Madison Madrid is a certified equine bodyworker and has had a love for horses for as long as she can remember. When she discovered the profound impact benefits it could have for horses she knew she had found her calling. ​

Growing up with health challenges of her own, Madison has taken great care in bringing exceptional care to our equine friends who cannot so easily speak up for themselves when they aren't feeling their best. 

Behind the scenes Maddie is also a mom to another avid horse lover who is her biggest cheerleader. Together they pamper their horses as well as most every other horse they meet!


What Bodywork Can Help With

Soft Tissue Injuries

Mental and Emotional Health

Freedom in Movement

Stress and Tension

Tight Muscles and Stiff Joints


In order to care for the whole horse, we need to see the whole horse as they are. We must learn to value their unique experience

Maddie was so incredibly helpful in accessing what was wrong with my horse from a whole body perspective. What was most remarkable was how Maddie addressed the lymph system as a whole to make sure fluids and toxins drew away from and out of the body. The results were immediate and wonderful to watch! This horse who was lying down a lot because of the pain was now standing up drinking lots of water and moving thanks to Maddie's magic hands!

- Mary

My horse George was experiencing colic symptoms & Maddie did some bodywork on him. Maddie used a technique of lymph drainage and pressure points to relieve the discomfort George was feeling and it totally worked!!! Maddie is very knowledgeable and her calm, caring demeanor with George was just what he needed. George became relaxed after the time she spent treating him. 

- Tonye

Zippo was grinding his tongue/teeth, with the bit in his mouth while working.. I had Maddie do a little work on his face, and he was dealing with some TMJ discomfort… he was a different horse when she was done. No more grinding..

Grateful, thankful and beyond blessed that God brought us together 

- Lisa

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