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My horse doesn't like being touched, will he like Bodywork?

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

This is such a wonderful and important question. I felt it would be helpful to dedicate a post to answer this specific question. If you have a horse that does not like touch, keep reading!

I would first like to mention that it is highly likely your horse will love bodywork. Shiatsu bodywork involves pressure point release and energy flow, which will loosen stiff muscle and relieve stagnant energy in your horse. Keep reading to understand exactly what that means, especially for a horse that doesn't favor touch.

Some of the reasons horses are often resistant to touch are because...

  • It is challenging for them to trust new people

  • They are sore, tight, or in pain

  • They have stagnant energy within their body

  • They feel unsure or misunderstood

Luckily I have great news for you and your equine friend! Shiatsu bodywork can help improve all of these problems.

How can I help?

The reason I decided to dedicate my education to Shiatsu massage was simply because it helps the whole horse, emotionally and physically. Massage with a horse is a touching and beautiful process. I love watching the energetic change throughout a session. Massage will help stagnant energy flow and move within the horse, not against them. This alone has the ability to open your horse to touch. Especially when that touch is creating a freedom of toxic energy in their bodies.

I am trained and experienced in feeing your horse as a whole. I specialize in how your horse feels through my touch, I am also able to use my techniques to loosen your horses tight and sore muscles in the most comfortable and trustworthy way possible for them.

I am committed to making a difference for your horse and will not charge you for your horses session if I can not help your horse by completing a full bodywork session. If you have any questions, please reach out to me!

If your horse is not resistant to touch because any reason not listed above, comment and let me know why. I’d love to know if I can help!

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